All Your Perfect Imperfections

I love Kurt & Blaine and the fabulous actors/singers who portray them. I'm a bit more obsessed with Chris, so you will see a lot of his face, but both he & Darren have stolen my heart & taken over my life. You'll also find others from the Glee world (mostly Lea), a few other shows sometimes (OITNB, Orphan Black, & X Files nostalgia lately), a bit of the Beatles, LGBTQ love, & cats! Not totally spoiler free, but I tag everything always. I love Glee. #respect

Note: I do not ship real people, but I enjoy seeing my favorite boys happy with their real life loves, i.e. Chill & Miarren squeeing will occur.

**This blog is wank free & not hater friendly**

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Klaine sceencap by gleekcaps

Kurt avatar also by gleekcaps
This episode has way too many plotlines and ten thousand scenes, so I understand the need to consolidate this meet-and-greet, but I really do wish the writers wouldn’t juxtapose Klaine and Finchel like this. They’re not the same. Rachel and Finn are classic teenage sweethearts who barely have anything in common when they’re attending the same high school, and certainly don’t have anything in common six months out of high school, and yeah, that’s a hard reality, but it’s real life. Kurt and Blaine, on the other hand, are the real damn deal, and ten years from now, they should be telling their daughter the story of Prince Warbler and his Teenage Dream while walking their Bichon Frise through Central Park and eating ice cream.

Heather Hogan, AfterElton “Glee” Recap: Glease



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